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What is the best way to stage your home? Redfin asked 37 experts all over the U.S to share their secrets.


When staging your house, how do you appeal to every person who will walk through your doors? Sure, you adore your black marble countertop and blue walls, but what will the buyer’s think? While it’s impossible to cater to everyone’s different preferences, there are some overarching similarities to appeal to many buyers – simply based on your location.

Redfin sought out home staging experts to share with you their secrets to appeal to buyers in 37 cities across the United States!

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It is with joy that my dream is coming true of building together our IAHSP Foundation. It is through our IAHSP Foundation that we will provide vision, service, scholarships, community service, and carry out our mission of changing the lives of people around the world through the world of Home Staging.

A key commitment of the IAHSP Foundation is to host the Worldwide Staging Community Service Week once a year.

Members of all of our IAHSP Chapters worldwide stop during this week their regular Staging work and businesses to work together in their own communities to help a community organization by giving freely of their time, service, and talent for a Staging project. This is given from the heart as a way of giving back and saying thank you for your faith in ASP/ASPMs everywhere and to return to the community added service and value where we live and work in our communities around the world. As Accredited Staging Professionals and Accredited Staging Professional Masters and Members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals we believe in our communities and strive to bring our best to all those we serve throughout the year. On this IAHSP Community Worldwide Staging Community Service Week® we are honored to stop and show how much we care through this yearly event of giving and sharing where we live and work throughout the year.

Today I want to share a most wonderful story. Just a few weeks ago, the Greater Chicago Greater Chicago Chapter of IAHSP® did an amazing thing.

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